Town of Salem is a multiplayer online game in which players act as members of the town, playing to win or lose against each other. This project has made tens of millions and with blockchain technology now possible will make even more money for its creators.

The “town of salem online” is a multiplayer game that was released in 2014. The game has been called a “true masterpiece” by many, and it’s still one of the most popular games on Steam.

Town of Salem

How To Install Town of Salem – The Coven App on Windows PC & MacBook

Use the most powerful and trusted Android Emulator, such as NOX APK player or BlueStacks, to download Town of Salem – The Coven for PC. On Windows 10, 8, 7, PCs, and Mac, all Android emulators are compatible with Town of Salem – The Coven.


  1. Emulators for Windows PC may be downloaded and installed from the official websites listed below.
  2. and are two of the best emulators available.
  3. Log in to the Android emulator using your Google account.
  4. The app Town of Salem – The Coven is available on the Google Play Store. So look for it and find it.
  5. Install the option beneath the Town of Salem – The Coven logo and have fun!

Town of Salem – The Coven – Frequently Asked Questions and User Guide

Playing Instructions

There are 7 to 15 participants in this game. Town, Mafia, Serial Killers, Arsonists, and Neutrals are the affiliations that these players are assigned to at random. If you’re a member of the Town (the good people), you have to find the Mafia and other bad men before they murder you. What’s the catch? You have no idea who is a member of the Town and who is a villain.

If you play an evil character, such as a Serial Killer, you kill town people in the dead of night in order to escape being discovered.


Town of Salem has 33 separate roles, giving a unique experience each time you play.

Players are placed in a lobby before the game begins so that the host may choose the roles they will perform. After then, players are given roles at random from a list of options. Players are given an in-game role card that details the talents and affiliations of their character. Visit for a detailed look at each role’s capabilities.

Phases of the Game


Most characters employ their talents during the night period. Serial killers, for example, murder individuals invisibly, doctors treat people who have been assaulted, and sheriffs question people about suspicious activities.


The Town residents may talk about who they think is playing an evil role throughout the day phase. Once the voting phase begins, someone will be placed on trial by a majority vote of the community.


You defend your innocence to the town during the defense phase. If you don’t have a compelling tale, you’ll be facing the gallows!


The community will vote on the defendant’s fate during this round. Players have the option of voting guilty, innocent, or abstaining. The culprit is condemned to death by hanging if there are more guilty votes than innocent ballots!


Players may customize their map (city setting), character, pet, lobby symbol, death animation, home, and name. Your choices will be visible to the other participants in the game.


There are over 200 different accomplishments in the game right now. Obtaining accomplishments will provide you access to a variety of in-game goodies.

What’s New in the New Town of Salem – The Coven Version?

• Crystal-themed characters, pets, houses, and maps are among the new cosmetics. • Other – new cosmetics • Winter Wonder by New Taunt. • New Crystal-themed login backdrop for the login screen. • Music – New login music with a Crystal theme. • Fixes for bugs. • And there’s a lot more! For further information, see the patch notes in-game.


The developer/inc owns the rights to this software. We are not linked with Town of Salem – The Coven in any way. Every aspect of Town of Salem – The Coven applications, such as pictures and trademarks, is the property of Town of Salem – The Coven’s owner.

In addition, we do not allow users to download Town of Salem – The Coven applications from our server. The Coven app may be downloaded from the Town of Salem’s official website.

The “town of salem nh” is a game that is played by two teams. The goal of the game is to kill all members of the opposing team before they do the same to you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Town of Salem not free?

A: There are a few reasons why the game is not free. The first reason is that it costs money to make games, and we want users to experience all of our content for as little cost as possible. Secondly, there are in-app purchases for some other features or cosmetic changes that you can get without having paid anything at all (like advertisements). Lastly, if you buy now then work your way up through different years with us when they come out over time – this means more updates where new seasons will be added into the mix!

Is Town of Salem for free?

A: You can play Town of Salem online or purchase it at a discounted price on Steam.

Is Town of Salem shutting down?

A: Town of Salem is not shutting down. However, if youd like to discuss future changes with the developers please feel free to reach out on their twitter as they would be more than happy to chat!

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