Automatically setting color scheme for .leaf files in Xcode

Unlike AppCode, Xcode doesn’t allow you to associate a custom file extension with a color scheme. When using Vapor and Leaf, this means you have to go to Editor > Syntax Coloring and select HTML every time you open a .leaf file. This is annoying and to make things worse Xcode doesn’t remember this setting after you (re)build the project 😡

To fix this annoyance, I’ve made a very tiny MacOS app that automatically associates .leaf to .html file for you. All you have to download this tiny app, and double-click it. You can then close the app. No further action required! You can now open your .leaf file and Xcode will recognize it as an HTML file and automatically sets syntax coloring for you.

Download the app here:

The source is open and on GitHub:

Opening a new copy of an app on MacOS

Mac doesn’t like you to open multiple copies of an application. If you try to open a new copy, it will switch to the running copy. If you want to open a new copy, this is what you need to do from your terminal: …

Browsing your Android app's SQLite file

There is no easy way to see the contents of your Android app’s database unless your device is rooted. If it is not rooted, you can first copy your database file to a sdcard (whether real or simulated) and then copy it back to your computer. You can then use any SQLite browser app such as Firefox’s SQLite Manager to browse the contents. These are the steps you need: …

Minimal Setup Zen

*”Happiness is very simple and minimal.”* - Tablo

My desk has nothing more than a laptop, two monitors, a keyboard, a mouse, and a small coffee cup. I don’t even have books on my desk. They go to the book shelf where they should be. I’m proud of my office desk setup. But when it came to my laptop setup, I knew I had a bit of work to do.

I have always hated cluttering my computer. I keep it fairly clean - relative speaking. The difference between some of my friends’ setup and my setup is of day and night. But my IDEs, docks, menu bar are cluttered more that I was proud of. This had to change! …